Travel medicines didn’t actually exist as a separate field until 20 years before. Numerous European countries had organisations of tropical medicines but they also focused on diseases present among indigenous populations. By 1991, there were a sufficient number of travel medical practitioners who held a conference in Atlanta. Today, there are about 2500 members of International Society of Travel Medicine across 75 countries and travelers can access all information relating to the health requirements while travelling. So whether you are planning to bask under the sun in Mexico or go on a business trip to China or a wildlife safari in Africa, any travel outside your own country involves some kinds of health risks. Therefore, it is best to visit an international travel clinic in order to protect your health.

Travel clinic

What does a travel health clinic do

Health study reports show that if you take precautions by visiting to a reputed travel clinic, you are 7 times less likely to fall prey to diseases while travelling. At such clinics, your travel destinations as well as your planned activities are going to be reviewed by physicians, who will offer advice, medicines and vaccinations as required which are all suited to your travelling plans.

What can a travel health clinic offer

In order to obtain the best advice, it is important to visit a travel clinic that is registered with the International Society of Travel Medicine. The drugs as well as other recommendations are required for protecting a traveller against various diseases that take turn with the passage of time and therefore it is crucial that you receive the recommendations according to the latest developments in the health industry. The travel health clinics can offer appropriate medications and vaccines, precautions to avoid different infections, information about the health regulations in the country you are planning to visit and documents for entering those countries.

Why is immunization important

Most people tend to overestimate their immunizing abilities because of the immunizations they receive during the early years of life. However, there are certain parts of the world where there are diseases which may not be present in your own country. When you travel to those regions, you may require a booster shot so that you don’t fall prey to any of such diseases. Having an updated immunization shall be able to protect you in those crowded quarters like an aircraft, where you are most vulnerable. If you travel abroad on a regular basis owing to your job as a flight personnel, air traffic controller or a pilot, then it is crucial to go through certain aviation medicals as regulated by the respective government.

What are the common medications and vaccinations

In tropical as well as subtropical countries where diseases take the form of an epidemic, you may need to take special precautions as recommended by the Newmarket doctors or ones in your locality in order to protect your health from diseases like gastrointestinal disorders like cholera and diarrhea as well as malaria which are caused from mosquito bites.

Once you are equipped with the proper medicines and vaccines, you are free to visit anywhere around the world. But if you have been involved in any kind of water sports like scuba diving, which involves certain medical complications, you shall have to get the diving medicals done for required evaluations.