Do you live in an older house? If yes, possibly it’s electrical switchboard has not been inspected by a licensed electrician for years. Especially if you frequently experience problems with keeping your power on at night and having to work your way in the dark just to change fuse wires, probably you have to call the specialists in switchboard upgrades Central Coast has to offer.


Switchboard Upgrades Central Coast




You might think that it is unnecessary for the moment, since you are not considering to renovate your property yet. However, you have to understand that there are huge risks associated with a defective fuse board. Old ones, particularly those that use ceramic fuses, should be inspected regularly and may need to undergo an upgrade for safety purposes.



If your house lights are always flickering, circuit breakers unremittingly tripping, and fuses regularly blowing up, then you might need to call your local electrician first and see whether the switchboard upgrades in Central Coast are necessary.


Meanwhile, if your fuse board was manufactured prior to the time when safety switches are made mandatory, then checking it often is highly necessary for overall safety. Furthermore, when your meter box is too tiny for safety switches or when you consider installing solar panels, new metering, or switch gearing, then getting an upgrade might come as required since you might need extra space.




It can be quite frustrating since you have to think of spending extra money for upgrading your fuse board. However, if you get to think of the risks it poses to your home’s safety, you might say that the switchboard upgrades Central Coast has for you is indeed worthwhile. Click here Hudson Electrical for more details.


  1. Busted appliances


You are lucky if the warranty has your appliances covered. Otherwise, you are in grave trouble when your electronic wares start malfunctioning when you experience frequent power fluctuations.

  1. Electrocution


There is a huge risk to life when you have an old fuse board. Particularly if you have to switch fuse wires after losing power, you might end up getting electrocuted by the loose wires.

  1. Blown Fuse Wire


When your circuit is overloaded because of a high number of electrical appliances in use, your fuse wire might blow up eventually. In the event this happens, you have to call the Central Coast switchboard upgradesspecialists for immediate action. A blown fuse wire might also occur with loose connections.


  1. Melted Cables from Loose Connections


If you use a new cable on an old switchboard such as in the fuse holder’s back, its connection to the electrical termination might sooner or later become loose. When this happens, electricity may jump from the source to the cable that connects to the load on the electrical circuit. Known as an electrical arc, this may end up with a huge fire when left unchecked.


  1. Fires


When the fuse holder arcs and the other circuits overheat, there is a huge chance that the heat will melt the cables. As a result, this exposes the copper inside, thus increasing arcing, which ends up with a fire. Therefore, the switchboard upgrades Central Coast is offering you are highly recommended to prevent such outcome.

Deciding for the safety of your family and home should not be tough. When you have an old fuse board, you can ask an authorised electrician to conduct an inspection for you. For now, find switchboard upgrades Central Coast, North Shore, and Northern Beaches have by checking out Hudson Electrical. For more details, visit at