Are you new to small-scale tree farming? If you are then you might as well get to know Winching. Winching is a convenient technique if you’re into farming small-scale trees. You may have probably heard about it, but if you’re still clueless, then here’s a guideline about winching in case you want to buy a Capstone rope winch.

Let’s take a review. Small-scale tree farming is the production and reproduction of small volumes of high-value products like dwarf fruit trees and pine trees. The entirety of lands and crops being grown are called small-scale farm forestry. In Australia, the small-scale farm forestry industry is still in its seed stage. Regionally, in Victoria, production from private, native forests only measures for about 1% of the state’s wood products.

Small-scale farm forestry is a worthy industry to invest in. It provides a lot of benefits to farmers and the public. Some of the benefits it brings are shelter and shade for livestock, erosion reduction, enhanced water quality, and increased biodiversity. More importantly, when combined with agriculture, it optimizes the economics of the latter and the land itself. That’s why such practices relevant to it are incentivized by the government. Since 2005, many changes have indeed taken place in rural land use and how it affects small-scale farm forestry development.

Now, if you like what you have read, you’re probably ready to read about one of the most important techniques you could learn and apply in small-scale tree farming.

Winching—what is it and why do you need to do it?


In small-scale tree farming, Felling is the term used to describe the knocking down of trees. Winching is one of the best and easiest methods to perform felling. Winching is the hoisting of trees using a capstan rope winch. A capstone rope winch, for instance, can provide a 28.8kN of pulling force to a small tree even at low speed.

Why do winching?

Meanwhile, if you’re asking why you need to use winching in felling, then you should know that it’s a safer and faster method of knocking down trees, especially dead ones. With a capstone rope winch, you can control which direction the tree falls down as you cut it down. In addition, you can also use an Australian capstone rope winch to extract tree that’s about to fall over the branches of other trees.

Size. Regarding the size of the rope winch, it usually depends on the trees’ size. Since you’re dealing with small-scale trees, a rope winch with a long cable isn’t necessary.

In addition, don’t forget your protective gear and tools. You might need a ladder, work gloves, a strop, and a helmet for safety purposes.

If you’re looking for a durable capstone rope winch Australia has these days, you may try browsing The Energy Network’s (TEN) website, for capstan rope winch products. They have hand tools, hydraulics, and pulling and hauling products as well.

Buy capstone rope winch Australia has these days for a faster and more efficient farming. Happy small-scale tree farming!